Institute of Digital Resources and Interdisciplinary Research (SITTI)

Fig. 1. SITTI team

SITTI’s mission is to foster the role of data as the driving force of modern science in Lithuania, to promote a culture of data-driven research, and to advocate and demonstrate the importance of sharing, opening, and reusing digital data, especially in the context of investigating societally relevant research questions, through the collaborative efforts of researchers coming from different disciplines.

SITTI aims to develop and to link the three components of research:

  • The Research Infrastructure, i.e., the SITTI empirical database, consisting of data collected and made available by the VMU and integrated into the international CLARIN ERIC language resources research infrastructure.
  • The research it supports, covering topics and issues in each of the three main research strands, and collaborative interdisciplinary research between strands within and outside SITTI with partners in Lithuania and abroad.
  • Disseminate research results on social media and in the media, advise researchers through the CLARIN-LT knowledge centre, integrate the basics of data production and management into curricula, promote data-driven research in the public sphere by fostering citizen science, and offer expert services to public authorities.

SITTI’s objectives include all structural parts of the institute:

  • to maintain and develop the SITTI empirical base, an international research infrastructure based on language resources;
  • to carry out interdisciplinary research and experimental development in the humanities, social sciences, computer science and other sciences;
  • to disseminate SITTI’s activities and to cooperate with the academic and general public, public institutions and business entities.

(see the SITTI Regulations for details)

SITTI’s activities

Fig. 2. SITTI activities

SITTI’s bylaws