SITTI History

Main dates

  • 29 November 2022 The cluster “Digital Speech Data and Intelligent Technologies” was closed.
  • 14 November 2022 At the first meeting of SITTI Council, Professor of the Cluster of Economics and Finance Dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė was elected Chair of the Council. The Council approved its main research strands.
  • 26 September 2022 The Council of the Institute was elected and the main research directions were formulated.
  • 1 September 2022 The established research team of the Institute started work.
  • 1 March 2022 Prof. R. Petrauskaitė was appointed Director of SITTI.
  • 29 November 2021 The VMU Senate approved the Statutes and established SITTI.
  • 30 June 2021 The concept of The Institute of Digital Resources and Interdisciplinary Research (SITTI) was approved by the VMU Council.

SITTI Prehistory:

“SITTI priešistorė” (Darbai ir Dienos, 2022) (in Lithuanian)

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