Pre-Conference: ELG Workshop


European Language Grid Roadshow!

Workshop of Baltic Countries

This workshop is organised under the umbrella of the EU-funded project European Language Grid (2019-2021). The project develops a scalable cloud platform, providing, in an easy-to-integrate way, access to commercial and non-commercial Language Technology services and data sets for all European languages, including hundreds of running tools and services as well as thousands of data sets and resources. ELG aims at listing all relevant stakeholders, from technology development to research centres, from small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises. Stakeholders will be able to register themselves in the ELG catalogue (the “Yellow Pages of European Language Technology”).

ELG is committed to community building and is also coordinating and collaborating with various larger initiatives on the European level. The European Language Grid has a strong and broad network of 32 National Competence Centres (NCCs), which act as local and national bridges to the ELG consortium and the European Language Grid cloud platform.

This workshop is organised in cooperation with the ELG National Competence Centres in Baltic Countries (Albina Auksoriūtė, Institute of the Lithuanian Language; Inguna Skadiņa, Institute of Mathematics and computer science, University of Latvia; Kadri Vare, Language Policy Department, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research).

The workshop of Baltic Countries will touch upon various topics, including:

  • Technological Multilingualism in Baltic Countries;
  • Overview of the European Language Grid project and platform;
  • Demo of the current release of the ELG cloud platform;
  • Open Call for Pilot Projects: information for interested parties;
  • Best practices from research and industry users of ELG.

For more information about ELG, please visit:

For more information about ELG Workshop, please visit:




13.00–13.10 Welcoming address

13.10–13.50 ANDREJS VASIĻJEVS (Tilde Company) European Language Grid – Towards the Primary Platform for Language Technologies in Europe

13.50–14.10 INGUNA SKADIŅA (Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia) Latvian Language Technology Landscape in 2020: Some Important Achievements after White Papers

14.10–14.30 KADRI VARE (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research) Development of Language Technology in Estonia

14.30–14.50 Discussions and coffee break

14.50–15.10 ARŪNAS MARK (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology) Impact of AI and Language Technologies in Lithuania

15.10–15.30 ANDRIUS UTKA (Vytautas Magnus University) Development and Research in Lithuanian Language Technologies (2016–2020)

15.30–15.50 GEDIMINAS NAVICKAS (Vilnius University) Lithuanian Speech Technologies for Mobile Environment – LIEPA2

15.50–16.10 JURGITA JAROSLAVIENĖ (Institute of the Lithuanian Language) Development of the Online Platform E. KALBA (e-Language): Increasing the Accessibility and Usability of Lithuanian Language Resources and e-Services

16.10–16.15 ASTA MITKEVIČIENĖ (Institute of the Lithuanian Language) Poster presentation Federated eTranslation TermBank Network

16.15–16.30 Discussions