POSTER SESSION 1 (Tuesday, 15:30-16:30)
[ROOM-1] Loïc Boizou and William Lamb - An Online Linguistic Analyser for Scottish Gaelic - room1_William_Lamb.pdf
[ROOM-2] Virginijus Dadurkevičius and Rūta Petrauskaitė Corpus-based Methods for Assessment of Traditional Dictionaries - room2_Virginijus_Dadurkevicius_et_al.pdf
[ROOM-3] Daiga Deksne and Raivis Skadiņš Interactive Learning of Dialog Scenarios from Examples - room3_Raivis_Skadiņš.pdf
[ROOM-4] Sigita Dereškevičiūtė and Asta Kazlauskienė Structural Models of Lithuanian Plosive Consonants in Different Word Positions - room4_Sigita_Dereskeviciute_Asta_Kazlauskiene.pdf
[ROOM-5] Justina Mandravickaitė and Tomas Krilavičius Similarities and Differences of Lithuanian Functional Styles: a Quantitative Perspective - room5_Justina_Mandravickaite.pdf
[ROOM-6] Mažvydas Petkevičius, Daiva Vitkutė-Adžgauskienė and Darius Amilevičius Targeted Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Lithuanian Social Media Reviews - room6_Mažvydas_Petkevičius2.pdf
[ROOM-7] Andrius Utka, Jurgita Vaičenonienė, Monika Briedienė and Tomas Krilavičius Development and Research in Lithuanian Language Technologies (2016-2020) - room7_Andrius_Utka_et_al.pdf
[ROOM-8] Gaurish Thakkar and Mārcis Pinnis Pretraining and Fine-Tuning Strategies for Sentiment Analysis of Latvian Tweets - rooom8_Gaurish_Thakar_et_al.pdf
POSTER SESSION 2 (Wednesday, 15:30-16:30)
[ROOM-1] Roberts Darģis, Kristīne Levāne-Petrova and Ilmārs Poikāns Lessons Learned from Creating a Balanced Corpus from Online Data - 1_Roberts_Dargis-compressed.pdf
[ROOM-2] Daiga Deksne and Anna Vulāne Towards the Development of Language Analysis Tools for the Written Latgalian Language - 2_Daiga_Deksne.pdf
[ROOM-3] Hugo Sanjurjo-González Berri Corpus Manager: A Corpus Analysis Tool Using MongoDB Technology - 3_Hugo_Sanjurjo-González.pdf
[ROOM-4] Uga Sproģis and Matīss Rikters What Can We Learn From Almost a Decade of Food Tweets - 4_Matiss_Rikters.pdf
[ROOM-5] Laine Strankale and Pēteris Paikens OCR Challenges for a Latvian Pronunciation Dictionary - room5_Laine_Strankale-ocr-landscape.pdf
[ROOM-6] Aivaras Rokas, Sigita Rackevičienė and Andrius Utka Automatic Extraction of Lithuanian Cybersecurity Terms Using Deep Learning Approaches - 6_Aivaras_Rokas_et_al-compressed.pdf
[ROOM-7] Ingrida Balčiūnienė and Aleksandr N. Kornev Quantitative Analysis of Language Competence vs. Performance in Russian- and Lithuanian-speaking 6 Year-olds -
[ROOM-8] Loïc Boizou, Jolanta Kovalevskaitė and Erika Rimkutė Lithuanian Pedagogic Corpus: Correlations between Linguistic Features and Text Complexity - 8_Erika_Rimkute.pdf
[ROOM-9] Jolanta Kovalevskaitė, Agnė Bielinskienė, Loïc Boizou, Laima Jancaitė and Erika Rimkutė The First Corpus-driven Lexical Database of Lithuanian as L2 - 9_Jolanta-Kovalevskaite.pdf